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Registration Procedures

We currently have 2 classes at each grade level-Kindergarten though 8th grade.
Registration forms for Kindergarten through 8th grade are available on this website and will only be accepted if delivered to our office at 5438 Laird Road in person,   We will not accept registration forms that have been faxed or mailed.  When the registration form is turned in, a receipt will be given. All of our established classes have wait lists.  When new registrations forms are received, applicants will be added to the wait list according to the date and time received.  If any opening should occur, and your name is next on the list, you will be called and offered the spot.  A meeting may then be set up for you to learn more about our program if you would like.
New kindergarten classes are established by lottery when there are more applicants than spaces available.  The dates and deadlines will be posted on the LBCS home page.  Your student’s drawn lottery number corresponds to their number on the class’s wait list.  Any registrations received after the registration due date, will be added to the wait list according to the date and time received.
If you are interested in registering your student at LBCS, please go to the Registration Forms page to print the registration forms needed for admission.

Enrollment Priority/Preferences given for Admission to LBCS
Enrollment priority will be given in the following:
  • Current returning students, including retained students
  • A sibling of returning students
  • Children of LBCS staff members
  • Children of other LUSD staff members
  • Children of confidential, certificated and classified staff members of Del Oro High School
Maintenance of the Wait List
Should an opening occur at anytime during the school year, the first name on the wait list will be contacted. Should the family decide not to accept, but wants to remain on the wait list that student’s name will go to the bottom of the wait list. 
Wait lists for each grade level will roll over to the next year.  There is no need to reapply each year unless you have refused an offer of admittance to LBCS or requested to be taken off the wait list.