Registration » Requirements


    • The student has satisfied all State and local immunizations and physical examination requirements, or has provided a LUSD waiver.
    • Completion of Admissions Package
    • Parent/Student Essential Agreement form.
    • Approval of the Charter Director and Superintendent (if needed)
    • Enrollment of students in Loomis Basin Charter School will exist on a space/capacity-available basis only. Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis until space/capacity limits are reached as determined by school policy. If more students apply than can be accommodated, admission will be considered based on application postmark date and time, and lottery; in the event of ties. A date will be published to begin accepting admissions forms. Any forms submitted prior to that date will be considered to have been submitted on that date.
    • Siblings of students already enrolled in the school and staff's children will be granted priority.
    • Application forms request the following types of information: student’s name; date of birth; grade level; address; current school where student is enrolled; names, addresses, and telephone numbers of parents/guardians; names of siblings also applying; student’s attendance record; disciplinary records; and a signature verifying that the information is correct and that the parents/guardians are choosing education at Loomis Basin Charter School for their student.
    • If there are space/capacity limitations, application forms must be submitted to the school by the annual deadline determined by the Charter School Director. The Director will make all decisions concerning the status of student eligibility, with the right of appeal to the District Superintendent. Decisions by the Superintendent are final.