LBCS Office Closed for the Summer starting June 20th.    LBCS Office opens for 2018-2019 on August 1st, Wednesday.       First Day of School August 15, Wednesday
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The aim of Loomis Basin Charter School is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, patriotic, honorable, responsible and caring young people who have the background, skills, knowledge and qualities necessary to participate successfully and actively in a changing and increasingly interrelated world.


The Loomis Basin Charter School’s vision is to empower all students to take their place in the world as knowledgeable, competent, responsible citizens. Students will be articulate, creative, achieving individual academic, emotional and physical goals in a safe, equitable educational community. Students will also be well-rounded, achieve in all subject areas, integrate technology, think independently and connect content to real life.

The Loomis Basin Charter School staff are student-centered, innovative, committed, enthusiastic, educational leaders. They respect student diversity, strengths, and learning challenges. They understand and implement research-based strategies. All staff have high standards for their students, colleagues and themselves.

The community is an empowered, positive, collaborative voice that supports teaching and learning and participates in educational decision making for students. The school’s vision embraces the global community and is committed to meaningful partnerships. Loomis Basin Charter School is committed to student success.

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