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LBCS Vision
We are a community of learners empowered to enact positive change in the world.
LBCS Mission
In order to develop lifelong learners who are empowered to make positive change in the world,
Loomis Basin Charter School will facilitate an environment that:
•Nurtures meaningful, positive relationships by taking time to get to know each other
•Develops students who are confident and articulate in oral and written communication
•Respects diversity and cultivates kindness, empathy, and intercultural awareness by teaching open mindedness
•Encourages service, action, and reflection from all community members
•Helps community members understand how their choices affect themselves and others
•Provides opportunities for risk taking, productive struggle, and perseverance in order to develop a growth mindset
•Holds staff and students to high standards that require innovative thinking, academic inquiry, and the development of skills that     transcend the classroom

Core Values
  • We believe in fostering an environment where students are driven to become learners who inquire, innovate, and reflect.
  • We believe that kindness and empathy develop meaningful relationships.
  • We believe that trust, patience, and teamwork are essential to achieving a collaborative community.
  • We believe that approaching differences with an open mind is essential to creating a safe, nurturing environment.