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LBCS Watch D.O.G.S.

Hi D.O.G.S.,

Today we had the opportunity to kick off our program at LBCS. Let me just tell you it is one incredible day. I wanted to thank you again for the attending the pizza night and for filling up those calendars. Amazing!!!!

I wanted to send you a quick email with a day 1 recap and what to expect on your day.

Today was an absolute blast. I had the opportunity to spend time with multiple classes and interact with the kids in the classroom, at recess and lunchtime. I got the opportunity to do a little bit of everything today. Below is a list of things I did today so you have an idea what may be asked of you.

 Check into the office to get itinerary and spent the morning at the crosswalk(7:45)

Mustang Round Up where we got a nice shout out

  1.         My first class was 4th grade and was very interactive. Helped with math ratio tables, introduced  myself to the kids and answered any questions that came up
  2.         Recess all grades- extremely interactive and fun
  3.         2nd grade was next and it was Spanish so I didn’t interact with the kids much at all.  I spent the  entire hour stapling and folding booklets for an upcoming project for the kids
  4.        Lunch and Recess- Lots of playing and lots of fun. There is a need to be alert. It is a tight space  and lots going on
  5.        Right after lunch was Kinder and I had the opportunity to read a book to the kids
  6.        Kinder music class- I was able to get my sing and dance going. Kids loved that!
  7.        Recess
  8.        Back to 4th grade to wrap up

The day goes by so fast and every class is something different. What I like most about this program is we have the opportunity to provide value in many different ways and to everyone.

Last but not least the kids loved it. They see us in those yellow vests and they are just over the moon. 

Anyhow just an update and enjoy your day. It is so rewarding!!


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