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Hi, my name is Lorena Brink and I am the 7th and 8th grade Language and Literature teacher at LBCS.  This will be my sixteenth year teaching Language Arts and not only do I love teaching this subject, but I also love this age group.  I really enjoy teaching students this age because I think they are the perfect mix of being young enough to be “moldable” with an open mind and old enough to start forming their own opinions based in critical analysis of the world around them. I became a teacher because I wanted to empower middle school students with the belief that anything is possible if they are willing to put their minds to it and work until they accomplish it.  I can truly say that I love teaching and enjoy working with young adults on a daily basis.

Since I enjoyed growing up in the small, foothill town of Sonora, my husband and I have always talked about raising our family in the foothills, and we fell in love with this area.  My husband Scott, an English teacher at Roseville High, and I have a beautiful, energetic seven-year old daughter named Leanella and a rambunctious four-year old daughter named Annika.  We love to go on little adventures as a family, to the zoo, park, beach, pet store, or anywhere else that can keep my daughters entertained.

Besides spending time with family and friends, I love to stay active.  I have always enjoyed playing sports and I still enjoy going to the gym and running.  Another one of my passions is travelling and learning about other cultures.  My husband and I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world and even had the opportunity to teach in South Korea for a summer.  I have always loved reading, which led me to UC Davis to pursue a degree in English, as well as my teaching credential and Master’s Degree.

I am very fortunate to be a part of the educational community at LBCS.  I am a strong believer in open communication, so please feel free to contact me at any time.  I look forward to meeting you!