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Mi nombre es “Profesora Martinez”, I was born and raised in Colombia. I graduated as a Dentist in Bogota, Colombia in 1990. I moved to Sacramento in 1992. While my daughters were little I decided to stay at home raising them and also taught art classes for preschool and elementary school children. Currently I live in Folsom with my two daughters. I love children and teaching! I’m very passionate about my culture, my heritage, my Spanish language and would love to pass along this love for the Spanish culture to all my students. I’ve been with Sombrero Time for three years and I teach at Loomis Basin Charter School, run the Spanish Summer Camps at the Sombrero Time Center in Granite Bay. I’m really excited to be a part of this Spanish immersion program. My goal is to get my students excited about Spanish, train them to speak, write and ultimately think in Espanol! I look forward to making this year also fun and successful for all my students and will count on your support for a successful Sombrero Time! Hasta pronto!