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Miss McVay

Hi! My name is Megan McVay and I had the pleasure of joining the LBCS family in January of 2022 and I am so excited to be a part of the resource team again this year! I am looking forward to receiving associate's degrees from Sierra College in Natural Science, Social and Behavioral Science, and Allied Health. After exploring many interests and taking a wide variety if college courses, I have found myself back to my original interest in child development and have found love and passion in working with and helping children.
When I am not working I am usually hanging out with my family or pets. I live with my mom and dad and our home is filled with five cats and a dog! I am a lover of living things and my room looks like a jungle with all of my plants! I also have a bioactive terrarium with over 300 isopods (fancy rollie pollies) and other small insects. I have fun going in my backyard and checking out the bugs and making friends with jumping spiders and other friendly creepy crawlies. I also enjoy playing video games on my computer and creating all kinds of art!