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Hi, I’m Becca Lucas. Originally from Kansas, I’ve been a Californian for over 30 years and have lived in Placer County for nearly 20. I believe education helps us grow beyond our immediate surroundings by augmenting the experiences we have with our family and friends. I believe one of the finest legacies we can give our children is a sense of confidence in their own abilities. My goal is to help each student fulfill his or her individual potential to learn and experience the world; to make them explorers who are equipped with the skills and confidence to question anything and discover their own answers.

My favorite teachers have always been the ones who are enthusiastic about learning. They have had high standards and expectations tempered by kindness, caring, and good humor. By setting high standards and supporting our children as they work to achieve them, we can help them establish a foundation of success upon which to build throughout their lives.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting and encouraging every student in the pursuit of excellence!